10 Best Tech Gifts

Best Tech under $50 Google Chromecast $35 Roku LT $49 Blue Snowball Mic $49 Smartouch Tech Gloves $25  Best Tech under $100 Apple TV $99 Netflix $95.88/year ($7.99/mo) Amazon Prime $79/year Best Tech under $150 Google Drive Storage $119/year 200GB ($9.99/mo) Kindle Fire HD 7″ $139 Pebble Smartwatch $149 Bonus: Tech under $250 Samsung Chromebook $249 Continue reading 10 Best Tech Gifts

5 Tech Predictions for 2014

5 Tech Predictions for 2014 Welcome to the third-annual 5 Tech Predictions, where I analyze trends from the previous year (compiled on http://twitter.com/ericzimmett) and predict what will take shape within the next year. Centered around social media, streaming TV and technology. 5. Amazon Prime becomes No. 2 streaming service behind Netflix Amazon, already a force in the UK with LoveFilm, will make some noise with … Continue reading 5 Tech Predictions for 2014

5 Tech Predictions for 2013

5. Second Screen takes off – The second screen takes on the big screen. The second screen is taking over. Users are splitting their time between the main screen and a second screen – companion devices and apps. For live shows, users turn to Twitter. For movies and streaming content, users stick to GetGlue to check-in and provide live commentary. (If you’re into streaming video like Netflix and … Continue reading 5 Tech Predictions for 2013