5 Tech Predictions for 2014

5 Tech Predictions for 2014 Welcome to the third-annual 5 Tech Predictions, where I analyze trends from the previous year (compiled on http://twitter.com/ericzimmett) and predict what will take shape within the next year. Centered around social media, streaming TV and technology. 5. Amazon Prime becomes No. 2 streaming service behind Netflix Amazon, already a force in the UK with LoveFilm, will make some noise with … Continue reading 5 Tech Predictions for 2014

Where Google+ one-ups Facebook

There’s one thing that Google+ already does better than Facebook: engagement. It’s the backbone of Google+. The network’s social graph is either better built than Facebook or they’re playing a different game. Google’s mission with Plus has been to make it more like real life. Its Hangout feature is suppose to resemble a real-world encounter of bumping into someone on the street. Circles is like … Continue reading Where Google+ one-ups Facebook